KempGouge ARC 800

Mobile, heavy duty carbon arc gouging power
The heavy-duty gouging specialist

KempGouge offers 800 amps of gouging power with 50% duty cycle. The characteristics curve is specifically designed for carbon arc gouging, so gouging properties are optimised and noise levels kept very low. Package includes power source, control panel, and transport unit for easy mobility. KempGouge lets you open roots or faulty welds, prepare welding grooves, cut metals, pierce holes, clean casts and remove excess metal.





Designed specifically for carbon arc gouging
  Extremely power efficient    Metal fabrication workshops
  Compact and easy to move    Foundries
Panel or remote current adjustment


Technical Specifications  KempGouge ARC 800
 Connection voltage  3~, 50/60 Hz 400 V, -15…+20 %
 Output 40 °C duty cycle
50 % ED 800 A/44 V
100% ED 600 A/44 V
 Dimension L x W x H  700 x 660 x 1400 mm
 Weight (KG)  115
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