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About us

Since 1990 Alruqee Machine Tools Company L.L.C (RMT) has been taking care of the capital machinery and equipment requirements of all the major industries in the Arabian Gulf Region which include manufacturing, fabrication, machining, maintenance & repair, job shops, education & training, engineering services, and infrastructure projects.

Technology specialization has been the base of our success which derives from our close cooperation with the world leaders in designing and building of the state-of-the-art machine tools, highly trained staff with specialized skills and industry experience, and professional support facilities and capability.

Whether the requirement is for a single machine, production line, complete factory or workshop we are fully capable to provide a suitable solution to match the technical and commercial needs of the customer.

We provide the necessary pre-sales technical support to ensure the correct selection of technology and specifications of the machine so that the expected production design, quality, accuracy, and capacity could be achieved.

After sales service for all the machines and equipment supplied is second to none in the whole Arabian Gulf Region.

Get The Best Machine Tools Solutions from Alruqee

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, machinery has driven the world of commerce to new heights. Saudi Arabia is fast emerging as a flourishing economy with several potent industries, but these industries also need all types of machine tools solutions like sheet metals, metal cutting tools, etc. If that is the case with your business, then count yourself lucky as you have Alruqee - the best place to get these machine tools and solutions.

Machine Tools Availed by Alruqee

Alruqee is home to countless machine tools and solutions meant for use across countless industries for a plethora of purposes. Let's take stock of all types of machine tools solutions offered by Alruqee:

Sheet Metals

If your business uses sheet metals, then the probability is that it routinely requires different types of machine tool solutions. You can get all types of sheet machine tools solutions in Saudi Arabia from Alruqee, including Punching Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Bending Machines, Punch Laser Machines, Pressbrakes, Shearing Machines, CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) Plasma-Oxyfuel Cutting Machines, Waterjet Cutting Machines, etc.

Metal Cutting Tools

Metal cutting is a part and parcel of countless industries in Saudi Arabia. Depending on the purpose and other factors, you might need different types of metal cutting machine tools. That is why Alruqee all types of Lathes, Machining Centres, CNC Horizontal Lathes, Multi-Process Machines, Railway Sectors, Milling Machines, CNC Boring and Milling Machines, Grinding Machines, Electric Discharge Machines (EDM), Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), etc.

Workshop Machines

Workshop machines are task-specific complex machine systems that have found applications in countless industries. Alruqee is the numero uno machine tool company that avails all types of workshop machine tools, including but not limited to Bandsaw Machines, Furnaces and Heat Treatment machiners, Balancing Machines, Bench and column Drilling Machines, Radial Drilling Machines, Shaping Machines, Slotting Machines, Iron and Steelworker machines, Vacuum Furnaces for Heat treatment, etc. The purchase of workshop machines remains a major decision for your business, and you must ensure that you only go for the first-grade systems.

Metal Fabrication

Alruqee can also assist you if one of your business processes is or includes metal fabrication. We offer top-grade Pressure Vessels and Tank Fabrication machine tools to all our clients.

Tips for Getting Machine Tools

If your business needs machine tools, then you must understand that your production process will only be as good as your machine tools, and it is crucial to ensure that you get the machine tools of the highest quality and shall always be available in time. The following are some helpful tips to remember when you buy machine tools solutions:

Choose the machine tool company carefully. It's best to go for a supplier that has goodwill and enjoys a reputation for providing quality products like Alruqee.

Ensure that the machine tools solutions in Saudi Arabia you buy are of the best quality available.

It's a good strategy to find an enterprise that can find you all the machine tools and solutions your facility might need.

You should also pay attention to the technologies used for making various machine tools your business is using. Alruqee recommends only going for suppliers that are using the latest technology.

Please observe that while the purchase of different types of machine tools is a complex process that involves considering several factors, the choice of machine tool company remains the most valuable consideration.

Alruqee - the Best Machine Tools Supplier in Saudi Arabia

Alruqee Machine Tools Company L.L.C (RMT) has emerged as the leading machine tools solutions in Saudi Arabia ever since 1990, and in over two decades of its life, it has served countless clients across a plethora of industries from fertilizers to petroleum with its products and services. Its success and popularity are owed to several reasons, including:

Faster delivery

As the leading machine tools supplier in Saudi Arabia, Alruqee Machines Tools understands that time is literally money in the industrial world and thus endeavours to deliver the ordered industrial solutions on time each time. It is as a part of this endeavour we have started several branches throughout the Arabian Gulf and you can find our branches in Dammam, Al Khobar, Jubail Branch, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Yanbu.

An uncompromising commitment to quality

Another reason for Alruqee’s unprecedented success as a machine tools supplier in Saudi Arabia is that we will never compromise on the quality of machine tools. Using good quality machine tool solutions is highly desirable as quality, in this case, means not only superior output but also a longer life, which effectively reduces the amount of money you will end up spending on these machinery tools.

The best prices for machine tools solutions

Alruqee is a machine tool company that understands the price-sensitive nature of its products and thus avails them at the best prices in the market for superior quality products. That said, while we understand that your budget may be tight, we recommend not compromising on quality just to save a little money.

Consider the requirements of your business

There is a plethora of options for sharp metal cutting tools in Saudi Arabia, and each of them serves some specific purpose. Your business won't require all of them, and it is crucial that you know exactly what kind of tools are required in your workspace. Thus, you should research the various industrial tools and take stock of your own needs before placing an order for these industrial cutting tools. If you wish to save time, you can just get in touch with Alruqee, and we shall be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Go for the best and not the cheapest metal cutting tools

The best metal cutting machine tools will not be the cheapest, and your business deserves only the best, so you must not compromise on quality just to save a little money.

Holistic machine tools solutions in Saudi Arabia

As must be clear from the above list of our products, Alruqee avails a holistic range of machine tools solutions in Saudi Arabia from simple metal cutting tools to whole workstations. That is not all, we can also provide you with sharp metal cutting tools, special alloys, welding tools systems, etc., and thus, we can be your single-stop solution for all such industrial needs.

A machine tool company with state-of-the-art facilities

Another reason Alruqee has become the top machine tools supplier in Saudi Arabia is our use of cutting-edge technologies in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Not only that we are continuously engaged in research for developing better technologies to deliver you superior industrial tool solutions. A combination of these perks makes Alruqee the best industrial solutions provider. So, if you are looking for a machine tools supplier in Saudi Arabia, look no further - your enterprise deserves nothing but the best, and the best is Alruqee Industrial Solutions.

Apart from the sharp metal cutting tools in Saudi Arabia, we can also be your source for other industrial solutions like special alloys, welding tools systems, etc. That means, from metal lathe tools in Saudi Arabia to any presetting tools, we can be your single stop for all types of industrial solutions.