Duramax™ torches

Duramax torches are designed for durability and reliability. Spring Start™ technology in the electrode eliminates moving parts in the torch and ensures consistent reliable starting. Electrode end-of-life detection in the power supply combines with long consumable life to reduce operating costs.

The Duramax torch series includes torches for handheld and mechanized cutting and gouging, and robotic cutting.

Duramax torches are compatible with the Powermax105, 85, and 65 systems. Duramax retrofit torches are also available for legacy systems.


75° hand torch  15° hand torch   180° full-length machine torch

180° mini machine torch  90° robotic torch  45° robotic torch 

180° robotic torch     


Duramax™ consumables
There are Duramax consumables for hand cutting, mechanized cutting, gouging, as well as HyAccess™ and FineCut® consumables for cutting thin metals.


 Shield  Retaining cap  Nozzle  Electrode  Swirl Ring


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