Tube extraction 



Hydraulically operated stubs puller
Hydraulically operated stubs puller
Grippul series quick attaching gripper tube pullers, incorporating know-how from Maus Italia’s more than thirty years experience in tube extraction with the TP/30 and TP/60 automatic pullers, have now reached their second generation with the Grippul 11 and Grippul 21.
The second generation Grippul feature significant innovations that improve the operating characteristics and strength of the tool set.
The Grippul is designed and built for rapid extraction of tube stubs from tube sheets. The Grippul, available in electric or pneumatic versions, has integral remote control and is now available in the second generation
Grippul 11 and Grippul 21 models, which differ in extraction force.
Flexible -Tolerance up to 1 mm (0.04”) of iD
Quick - 4 ÷ 6 extractions per minute
Economical - Low tool wear
High quality - No damage to hole in the tube-sheet

  Hydraulically operated continuous tube pullers 
Semiautomatic continuous hydraulic tube pullers
Hydraulic tube puller for sizes from
9,5 mm (3/8”) to 101,6 mm (4”),
for semiautomatic continuous extraction.
Suggested for small scale maintenance work.
  Hydraulically operated continuous tube pullers 
Automatic continuous hydraulic tube pullers
Hydraulic tube puller for sizes from
9,5 mm (3/8”) to 101,6 mm (4”),
with double jaws, for automatic continuous tube pulling at high speed.Suggested
for large scale maintenance work on condensers and exchangers.

Hydraulic and Hand pump  
Power unit for tube pullers and tube cutter
The need for efficiency in the industrial sector means supplying equipment able to effectively increase the level of automation: our tube pullers have been designed to meet this need and this is why they are used by leading industries in many sectors.
A Maus Italia tube puller is a high tech instrument able to pull tubes in a fast, functional, and reliable way. In this section you can learn about our hydraulically operated bundle pullers, their single components, and the accessories that can be the perfect companion to your choice.
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