Duramax™ Hyamp torches

New Duramax Hyamp torches are impact-resistant and designed for high heat to stand up to industrial use and harsh environments. Electrode end-of-life detection in the power supply combines with long consumable life to reduce operating costs.
The Duramax Hyamp torch series has torches for every application, including handheld and mechanized cutting and gouging, robotic cutting, and scrapping.
The Duramax torch series includes torches for handheld and mechanized cutting and gouging, and robotic cutting. 
Duramax torches are compatible with the Powermax105, 85, and 65 systems. Duramax retrofit torches are also available for legacy systems.


 85° hand torch 15° hand torch  180° full-length machine torch 

180° mini machine torch  180° robotic torch   45° robotic torch

90° robotic torch  45° 2' long torch   45° 4' long torch

90° 4' long torch  90° 2' long torch   


Duramax™ Hyamp consumables


Retaining cap


Swirl Ring



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