Portable, pneumatic rolling machines  
Mastrol Minirol     Macrol   


Torque control pneumatic rolling machines for tube bundle heat exchangers manufacture and maintenance.
By its
 MinirolMacrol and Masterol series, Maus Italia offers a flexible and cost-efficient solution to use tube expanders.

Maus Italia pneumatic rolling machines are swift, light, and safe and they are the ideal solution for both manufacturers who are equipping themselves to expand tubes for the first time andmaintenance operators who want to operate on-site in a safe and high quality environment.
The Minirol series torque control pneumatic rolling machines with automatic reverse are designed to expand small diameter tubes.
The Macrol series torque control pneumatic rolling machines are designed to be used at yards as well as to repair tube sheets directly on-site in chemical and petrochemical plants.
The Masterol right angle torque control pneumatic rolling machines are particularly suitable to expand tubes in boilers.


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