Bug-O Uni-bugs are designed to run directly on your work piece. They fit specific steel profiles such as flat bar, angle, channel, I-beams and bulb flats.




Uni-bug II
The UNI-BUG II will carry a cutting torch or welding gun into tight work areas or around very tight curves without the use of a track. The built-in carrying handle allows for easy mounting and removal at any point along the workpiece The UNI-BUG II can weld or cut both straight lines and radii as small as 6" (1152mm). It will travel at speeds of 4-75 ipm (102-1905 mm/min) with a 50 lb. (22.7 kg) load capacity.
The Uni-bug III will make continuous or intermittent stitch welds. The machine will mount and run directly on the work piece. Each carriage is designed to fit on a specific steel profile.


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