Continuous cycle digital controller and Low-voltage electrical rolling motors - Matex


Matex ts 2300 controller is the brain of the system. It is user-friendly, equipped with a 5.7" LCD touch screen and dedicated software, it is protected by a robust metal casing.
Matex ts 2300 provides automatic tolerance compensation both for the diameter of the tube-sheet holes and the thickness of the tubes. This result in the achievement of a safe uniform seal for all the tubes at the operating pressure of the heat exchangers and, most importantly, estimates rolling times.
Different tube rolling electrical motors sizes are available to cover main expansion technical requirements, in accordance with tube dimensions and required expansion characteristics.
They are robust, variable speed, low voltage (48V) and brushless motor Matex R V4 and Matex R L4 are specifically suitable for rolling applications and has a mechanical gear with 4 speed ranges to optimise speed on the basis of given work parameters.
They have been conceived for use only with the Matex ts Pro-2300 controller.

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