MagTrac F 61

A quick way to welding mechanisation
An express carriage to higher Welding Productivity and quality


Light mechanisation is the most efficient way of improving welding productivity at shipyards and metal workshops. It has also a favourable effect on the safety and ergonomics of welding work. As welding carriage performs the heavy work, the welder can concentrate on monitoring the process and quality.

Kemppi’s MagTrac F 61 is a quick and easy way of changing from manual MIG/MAG welding to productive mechanisation. Operating MagTrac F 61 is similar to operating any ordinary welding machine, so there’s no need for special expertese. With MagTrac F 61 you don’t need auxiliary control cables or transformers, because everything is fully integrated in one cable.



A magnetic carriage unit for MIG/MAG welding mechanisation
Connects to Kemppi FastMig Synergic and Pulse models
  Extensive selection of functions
Only the welding gun needed between carriage and wire feeder
Welding values and memory channels selection at the carriage control panel
Cycle Weld, Wire Inch and Gas Test functions
Heat input and other welding statistics
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