MasterTig LT 250

A premium TIG welding solution that eliminates
 troublesome control and mains power cables
TIG equipment for construction and extreme site conditions

MasterTig LT 250 eliminates the need for traditional control and mains voltage power cables, removing related health and site safety risks, cable management and site maintenance issues. The air cooled electronic power source is ideal for challenging environments, including high ambient temperatures, humidity and subzero work site conditions. Powered from any DC welding power source that provides a minimum of 40 volts pole voltage, including welding generators, MMA and MIG/ MAG sources, Mastertig LT 250 provides a most versatile DC TIG solution.



  250 amps DC TIG/MMA @ 35% ED
  No mains voltage power cables or control cable
  Compact size and weight – 12.6kg
Remote current control options
HF or contact ignition
Digital meter display
Gas flow meter fitted as standard
  Pre- and post-gas control
  Slope control timers
2T and 4T latching

Technical Specifications    MasterTig LT 250 
 Connection voltage  DC  400 V (±10 %)
 Output 40 °C duty cycle
  35 % ED TIG
  60 % ED TIG
100 % ED TIG
  35 % ED MMA
  60 % ED MMA
100 % ED MMA
250 A/20    V
200 A/18    V
160 A/16.4 V

250 A/30    V
200 A/28    V
160 A/26.4 V
 Dimension L x W x H   460 × 180 × 390 mm
 Weight (KG)    12.6
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