FitWeld 300

Big power, small package, quick ignition
Speed, quality and economy

FitWeld 300 MIG/MAG machine is the solution for tacking and welding in heavy industry. QuickArc™ ignition techniques, the latest GT WireDrive™ mechanics and Brights™ cabinet lighting, combine with other features to make welding faster, easier and safer. Offering real economy of size and weight, FitWeld also saves up to 57 % on input power and increases tack and welding speed to twice that of traditional MMA equipment.





  300 A at 20 % duty cycle, 14.5 kg   Shipyards and offshore industry  
Easy tune stepless voltage and wire speed
  Metal fabrication workshops
  Adjustment for shielding gas flow to welding gun   Installation and set-up
Three position switch for selfshielded and gas-shielded filler wires
  Car repair

 Connection voltage  3~, 50/60 Hz  380 – 440 V ±10%
 Output 40 °C duty cycle
  20 % ED
  60 % ED
100 % ED
300 A / 29 V
180 A /23 V
140 A /21 V
 Dimension L x W x H   457 x 226 x 339 mm
 Weight (KG)    14.5
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