KempArc Pulse TCS

Increase productivity with TCS technology
Higher levels of productivity and quality

Today, KempArc Pulse TCS (Tandem Control System) delivers on its promise, opening the door to reliable dual arc welding, TCS smart software solutions provide easy system setup and automatic arc regulation, achieving significant welding speed increase and reliable welding qualtiy.



  Increases productivity between 40 and 80 % over single wire process
  Easy process setting and parameter control
  Optional ON/OFF switching of either electrode during the weld cycle
Suitable for both steels and aluminium applications
Reduced heat input on thin sheet materials
  Tack welding selection with either electrode 
  TCS process can be direction independent 
  Connects to all robot brands 

Technical Specifications    KempArc Pulse TCS 
Connection Voltage  3~, 50/60 Hz  400 V -15…+20 %
 Output 40 °C duty cycle
60 % ED
100 % ED
 Dimension L x W x H    590 x 230 x 430 mm
 Weight (KG)    36
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