Furnaces & Heat Treatment



Apart from the furnaces shown for production Nabertherm offers a wide range of standard furnaces for laboratories. We keep standard units in stock for short delivery times. Please ask for our special laboratory brochure which provides more detailed information on the laboratory furnaces which could be of interest to you.

Which Furnace for Which Process?
  Tube Furnaces and Accessories
  Matrix Debinding Technology    Melting Furnaces up to 1500 °C
  Muffle/Preheating/Ashing Furnaces and Accessories   Fast-Firing Furnaces up to 1300 °C
  Assay Furnaces up to 1300 °C   Gradient or Lab Strand Annealing Furnaces up to 1300 °C
  Annealing, Hardening and Brazing Furnaces with Accessories    Retort Furnaces
  Chamber Furnaces with Brick Insulation or Fiber Insulation up to 1400 °C   Catalytic and Thermal Afterburning Systems, Exhaust Gas Washer
  High-Temperature Furnaces/Sintering Furnaces   Temperature Uniformity and System Accuracy
  Ovens and Air Circulation Furnaces   Process Control and Documentation
  Clean Room Solutions