Robotic Welding Systems


Mechanical components newly available on the market, a series of our own new system modules, and the demands of many customers for a bigger work zone prompted the planning of a production series of welding robots comprising several different modules.

Perfect arc welding

igm robots - 6, 7 or 8 rotary axes in a solid aluminum cast construction to be mounted either upright or in suspended position - are especially designed for arc welding.

New modules like rotating base and rotation axis in first swivel arm, robots with 6, 7 or 8 axis are available.

Optimal set up of all system components permits a reduction in transfer time by up to 30% for all construction sizes.

1 or 2 wire feed units together with all hose package connections and    media supply lines have been integrated in the main rotation axis.    Accordingly, all the gas and water supply hoses as well as all the wire    guides for single-wire and tandem welding are located inside the housing.



RTi 477   RTi 478   RTi 496   RTi 499