Horizontal Balancing Machines


  VTB 15 M     
  Dynamic balancing machine for tools   
Designed to meet the specific balancing needs of tools and tool holders for high speed operating machines.
  Hard bearing vertical axis balancing machine.  
  Measurement of static unbalance on one plane and dynamic unbalance on two planes.  
  Possibility to select different programs for correction.  

  V 50/100 TFM     
  Balancing machine with manual drilling - milling unit   
Balancing machine equipped with milling/drilling unit able to balance rotors by a making drills vertically or at an angle or by contour milling.
The cutter spindle is controlled manually for the milling feed.
A rotary table allows milling tangential slots for correction of the unbalances.
gearbox for variable speed  
8 speeds from 75 to 2100 rpm (std)  
motor power rating 0.7/1.1 kW  
spindle with Morse taper n°4 (optional ISO 30)  
vertical spindle stroke 160 mm  
vertical head stroke 460 mm    
horizontal head travel 660 mm with manual control (optional with axis drive motor)    
drilling capacity in steel 30 mm
tilting of milling head about the vertical 45 degrees    
max. driving torque on the spindle for milling feed 30 N.m    

  V 50/100 UFA          
Balancing machine with automatic drilling machine with controlled axis
The unit is mounted on two slides with recirculating ball feed screws: a vertical slide with stroke 250 mm and a horizontal one with stroke 300 mm; both slides are controlled by motors with absolute encoders.
Drilling unit allows drilling holes in steel up to a diameter of 20 mm.
Standard spindle toolholder is with ISO40 taper (DIN 2079).
The drill bit speed can be programmed from 300 to 2000 rpm. Spindle torque 18 Nm.
Max. drilling capacity in steel 20 mm  
Tool taper ISO40  
Spindle three-phase motor 3Kw - 4 poles with inverter    

  V 50/100 UF-P    
  Balancing machine with pneumatic axis drilling machine  
Balancing machine with automatic unbalance correction equipped with an electro-pneumatic unit set up vertically. The unit is adjusted to the correct position through two manual slides both with a stroke of 300 mm.
A linear encoder, integral to the unit, allows to make holes with controlled depth and strictly necessary for balancing, thus ensuring to obtain the highest balancing accuracy possible.
The measuring and correction cycle is fully automatic.
  Max. drilling capacity in steel 18 mm  
Compressed air supply pressure 6 Kg/cm²
  Total spindle stroke (rapid + slow) 125 mm    
  Tool taper ISO30    
  Max. thrust force 310 kg    
  Motor power rating: 0.55 - 2,2 Kw    

V 500
Balancing machine for large size rotors
  Balancing machine for large size rotors or rotors with high windage effects, on one or two planes