Furnaces & Heat Treatment


Thermal Process Technology II

Furnaces, Protective Gas Boxes, Hardening Systems, Quenching Baths, Charging Plates, Tongs, Gloves, Charging Baskets, Other Accessories


  Annealing, Hardening, Carburizing, Boriding, Forging, Nitriding, Brazing    
Chamber Furnaces with Radiation Heating
  Chamber Furnaces with Air Circulation 
  Charging Plates, Hardening Boxes   Protective Gas Boxes 
  Nitriding Powder and Activator, Boriding Powder    Protective Gas Boxes with Vacuum Lid 
  Stainless Steel Heat Treating Foil to avoid Surface Reactions    Pit-Type Furnaces with Air Circulation 
  Annealing and Hardening Treating Foils    Charging Aid
  Accessory Equipment for Processing Bags, Envelopes and Foils   Protective Gas Boxes 
  Annealing Envelopes, Annealing Bags    Charging Baskets 
  Protective Gas Operation    Salt Bath and Bath-Type Annealing, Tempering and Austempering 
  Protective Gas Annealing Bag and Holder   Martempering Furnaces using Neutral Salt 
  Protective Gas Boxes   Salt-Bath Furnaces using Neutral or Active Salt 
  Protective Gas Boxes with Additional Vacuum Lid   Charging Devices 
  Vacuum Pump    Charging Trolley 
  Protective Gas Boxes with Hinged Lids   Charging Stacker 
  Protective Gas Boxes with Hinged Lids which remain in the Furnace     
  Protective Gas Systems     
  Measuring Temperatures in Protective Gas Systems     
  Tool Shop Hardening Systems     
  SHS 41 Protective Gas Hardening System    
  Cooling Platforms    
  Hardening Oil, Quench Water Additive, Detergent, Insulating Materials     
  Draw Hook, Binding Wire, Hardening Tongs, Heat-Resistant Gloves    
  Heat-Resistant Face Mask