Furnaces & Heat Treatment



From electrically or gas heated melting furnaces, dewaxing furnaces or core drying furnaces to fully automatic annealing plants for aluminum or steal, Nabertherm covers professionally all applications for the foundry industry.

Which Furnace for Which Process?
  Continuous Operation Furnaces
  Melting and Holding Furnaces   Temperature Uniformity and System Accuracy
  Cleaning Furnace for Riser Tubes, Electrically Heated   AMS 2750 E, NADCAP, CQI-9
  Air Circulation Furnaces   Process Control and Documentation
  Tempering Plants for Steel and NE-Metals    Energy Efficiency Technology
Dewaxing Furnaces, Electrically (N../WAX) or Gas-Fired (NB../WAX) Chamber Furnaces for Heat Cleaning, gas-fired with integrated thermal afterburner 
Chamber and Bogie Hearth Furnaces Catalytic and Thermal Afterburning Systems, Exhaust Gas Washer